Stargazing With You

I’m connecting these stars to trace your deep brown eyes, those thick eyebrows, beard that you always keep neat and lips that put a smile on mine without you even having to try. The stars come together, this constellation seems familiar to them. In the dark purple sky I’m now catching you looking down on me.

I smile as tears fall off my face.

Memories of our stargazing nights strike me, shatter my already broken heart into atoms of pain.

I should have held you when I told you I’m letting you go. Now the gaps between my fingers crave yours to fit, my cheeks yearn for your sudden kisses but, you’re long gone.

Are you watching this night’s sky too like me?

Are you recalling our times together or are you hating me every second for the pain I have put you through?

Right there in those eyes of yours, I have lost myself countless times. Now I want to catch a glimpse of them, just once so I can believe in love again.

I want to hear your voice, listen to you call me sweet names and sing me songs that you say remind you of me.

Those times you pour honey with your laughter then drown me in all your sweetness as you look down then curve your lips, looking shyly at my eyes. I want them again.

Gazing at these stars, getting lost in the deep memories of our togetherness, I wish for this wind to bring me the melodies of your voice, the songs of our lost love.

There’s more pain in my heart, a sudden increase in the pace of breaking; the stars are scattering, now clearing the constellation that brought you back to me. The wind seems to seize but there’s no sign of your sweet voice. I’m dying a slow death, this will be my end.

Bitterness, my own foolishness snatched you away from me. Memories, my love for you, now push me to run back to you. This sky, this wide sky is what brings us together no matter how distant we maybe. These stars, these constellations and this night wind is what cherishes our true moments of love.

To these stars that brought us together, I ask, for one lifetime, just one, with you. To these stars that still hold us by love, to keep us together as long as this sky goes, as long as these constellations live.

To more stargazing nights with you.

Photo Credit: @mrmarkdejong (Unsplash)

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