The Henna Boutique – 100% Natural Henna Product

My only favourite game in love was to find the initial of my name in between the patterns of henna on her hands.

– Vnayak. R. G

The most important factor that adds extra colour and scent to any Asian function after the vibrant clothing, sandalwood, saffron, turmeric, flower garlands and girls themselves is the Mehendi that adorns the hands, feet and other visible parts of women present. But, in a world that’s turning everything from food to messaging very instant, we see that even the Henna products are made instant today.

‘Instant staining’ has become an addiction for many of the Henna lovers and beauty enthusiasts that they often become ignorant about the adverse ‘side-effects’ it could bring.

To eliminate these dangers and help the Mehendi aficionados; many blooming henna artists around the globe have now come up with Natural Henna products that they produce with zero chemical ingedients. Amidst such beneficial, sensible and concerned Henna products, I got my hands adorned by The Henna Boutique – run by a young, self-taught henna artist from Kandy, Sri Lanka and I must say, I am completely in love with their product and service!

Started officially in 2013, The Henna Boutique now has a fanbase of 2,081 followers on their official Facebook page, 109 followers on twitter and 1,816 followers on Instagram! With numerous positive customer feedback and reviews, this Henna Boutique stands unique for its special features like;

• 100% natural ingredients.

Henna powder grounded from naturally plucked and dried leaves straight from the Henna plant called Lawsonia inermis , essential oil, well-water and brown sugar.

• Hand-made

From plucking the leaves to grounding it, making it into a paste, self-testing, approving and packaging, it is done by the founder of The Henna Boutique alone with great effort and love.

• Slow developing but dark and beautiful stain

Unlike the artificial henna cones and tubes, this product provides slow developing stain that produces different hues of Henna within 48 hours and leave its customers awed with an amazing stain according to the applier’s body temperature.

Stain – 24 hours

• Consistency

The ‘Store in freezer’ technique of the artist retains the product’s consistency and makes the cone ‘easy to use’ and ‘hand-friendly’ for anyone; beginners to professionals unlike certain other natural/artificial products that lose its consistency after few uses.

• Pamphlets and leaflets provided by the artist as a guide

For those who get their products delivered or have their hands adorned by visiting her boutique, the artist provide them with a leaflet that contains clear information on the directions of using the product along with many tips and guide.

• Diversity

The consistency of the paste gives its users the ability to try a variety of designs. Hence, this product can be used for Arabic, Bridal, Floral, Unique parties and Eid henna.

Apart from adorning hands and legs, The Henna Boutique also delivers Henna Candles, Wooden canvases, Bookmarks and cards.

Canvas designing

Bridal Henna
International Customer, everyday Henna.
Eid Henna
Card designing

• Customer Friendly

From instant replies to warm smiles, the artist of The Henna Boutique allures her customers with a lot of love, respect and friendliness that makes the customers want to revisit and contact her over and over again.

• Fastest island-wide delivery

The delivery service of The Henna Boutique again stands as a unique feature, delivering the handmade products within a day or two of orders placed.

• Pricing

A true vendor looks for customer satisfaction in having provided quality and not the monetary value. The price range of this naturally, handmade henna product is affordable for anyone who looks for quality over quantity/monetary values.

• Offers and discounts

From promotional discounts to Eid, Wedding and other seasonal offers, the artist satisfies her customers with a lot of surprises and beneficial sales.

• Tutorials

Not just limiting to fascinating her customers with her wonderfully unique designs, she also inspires her enthusiastic followers with basic to professional henna tutorials through her YouTube and Instagram accounts.

This product with many benefits targeting unrestricted age groups with its natural ingredients, has its flaws like the size of the cone that some of the users who look for bigger cones with high quantity. Hence, this product is not for those who look for quantity over quality.

This product is also not for those who expect instant staining.

Overall, I would rate this product a 4/5 for all its uniqueness!


If you are just another natural henna enthusiast like me, then why delay?

About the artist:

Heba Abdul Cader, the founder and owner of The Henna Boutique is a Sri Lankan Henna Artist who has a passion for makeup and photography. This young artist also loves to travel, explore and capture her best moments through her artistic photographs and videos.

Contact the her today to place your order and spread the words of love and positivism!

Whatsapp: +94774746846

Instagram: @thehennab

Twitter: @thehennab

Facebook: The Henna Boutique

Youtube: The Henna Boutique


Location: 1252 Matale Rd, Alawatugoda [20140]

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