Best Friends turned Strangers

I still remember the day we had our first conversation. I was this shy girl, you were a different kind of crazy. We had a silly chat in a social app that was not very famous and we were quite proud of it. It wasn’t even an hour completely when we pushed ourselves into the comfort zone; addressing each other in filth, picking the worst nicknames we could throw at each other with, talking about every single thing we had to know about each other.

We were young and madly in love, we were naive but held the most strongest feelings for both.

If you ask me even now I’d tell you I don’t remember when exactly we became ‘best friends’ because we were both bad at numbers… maybe you were a little good. At last, I give it to you.

I had dreams of you as my best man, I as your best girl at our weddings. We were sure to be at each other’s deathbeds, now I miss your dry jokes that stopped me from self-harm.

I grew too insecure, now I don’t know and I can’t tell if it was why I lost you. Is it my insanity or your messy thoughts that created the distance? I think we both know the answer but I miss you.

I miss you everyday when I make someone laugh even though I’m crying because I remember that’s how you used to make me happy even at your worst.

Wherever you maybe today, I want you to know that you were the bestest friend I’ve ever had and nothing can replace the position you have in my heart.

If the cycle repeats, I want to be your best friend once more from being strangers then become family but for a change— be careful enough to not recur the cycle again.

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