Dr. Priyanka Reddy: Humanity Raped and Burnt To Death

The slogans that must be held to appreciate women are held to plead for justice.

The list of lives lost in the most horrendous ways are lengthening, shattering hearts of families that bear the losses and the well-wishers who want a rape-free, peaceful and safe environment for all.

The tears that now fall off our eyes are not warm, they are burning. They might as well turn into kerosene and burn these barbarians alive. Just like they murdered Priyanka Reddy, just like they murdered many other innocent women like her!

Picture Courtesy: ibtimes.co.in

Enough is enough. We have fought for justice, held protests and raised voices until we ran dry and tired. It’s time now for such rapists to be hanged with no second question.

It’s time to bring the utmost fear in the mind of such psychopaths what shall happen to them if again they even have a though of laying their hand on another woman with vulgar intentions.

It’s high time we make the rapists and ravishers understand that it is not women who have to fear to walk the earth, but they who want to destroy us.

We do not just need justice, we need an end to this. Until the authorities make a PROPER action, we must not rest. Until we have mounded our girls into stronger, bolder and wilder humans we must not rest.

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