Am I A Feminist?

I have never been able to label myself a ‘Feminist’.

Yes, I said it and I’ll tell you why.

Last night I apparently ended up in @chinmayisripaada ‘s Instagram. I remember I was once blocked by her in Twitter when the #MeToo allegations against Vairamuthu was spread all over Twitter and I voiced against her for ‘falsely accusing’ a man to ruin his reputation.

That being a whole other case, in Chinmayi’s Instagram I read a lot of posts about sexual harassment/abuse, cases of rape. Her profile also had a lot of posts that spoke about ‘Feminism’ and ‘Being a Feminist’.

Out of all those ‘Feminist’ posts, this one made me think for a while;

Picture Courtesy:

I have never been able to properly define what ‘Feminism’ means. The kind of Feminism that I was exposed to in Twitter/ Instagram was the kind of ‘Feminism’ that meant to resist men and claim equal rights. Or to state more frankly, I watched men and women in Social Media despite each other and use offensive language in the name of ‘Feminism’ and ‘Anti-Feminism’.

I did not like the whole idea of ’empowerment’. I did not like the whole idea of the so-called ‘Modern Feminism’ that meant burning bras, exposing private parts, protesting against playing the roles of ‘typical women’ as wives, daughters, mothers or sisters. I did not like how filthy women showed themselves on the Internet in the name of claiming equal rights.

So I stayed away. I did not like being called a ‘Feminist’, although I thoroughly believe that women do deserve equal ‘rights’ just like men.

I read a lot of journals, books and articles that talked about Feminism and watched movies releasing casting the concept of Feminism in various stances.

In an article written by Kathy Caprino to Forebes titled ‘What Is Feminism, And Why Do So Many Women And Men Hate It?’ ( Mar 8, 2017 ) I read,

Feminism at its core is about equality of men and women, not “sameness.”

Kathy’s article was pleasing and convincing to an extent. I could not agree with certain points in her content but I understood she was not trying to convince her readers about the ‘wrong feminism’ like a lot of women out there are doing today at the least.

So relatively, this post I found in Chinmayi’s Instagram quotes Dumbledore from the Philosopher’s Stone as,

Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.”

was not very agreeable.

People who do not want to label themselves as ‘Feminists’ do not fear the concept of Feminism, but people like me, fear the ‘wrong’ concept of Feminism and I personally believe there is nothing wrong in fearing a ‘wrong concept’ that can, if not prevented, ruin the entire good that the actual concept of ‘real Feminism’ could do for the women.

So if you still ask me if I am a Feminist, I’ll tell you I am not.

I totally support women’s rights, I believe that women need to be treated equally and given equal opportunities like men, but I am not a Feminist.

For, Feminists at present have utterly corrupted the genuine concept of Feminism.


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