To My Sister In Heaven

To my sister who left me too early, I’m writing this as I go past your house. You are not here to read this, but I think I have already told you a lot about how much you meant to me when you were alive.

I can’t accept the fact that you are gone. It’s like you’re still there and, I always wish that if I dial your number you’ll pick up to call me by that nickname you chose for me.

I don’t know how to forget your smile. The best, after your unconditional love and kindness for people. My chest feels heavy right now and always these days when I recall how your eyes becomes really small when you smile wide pushing your chubby cheeks up. I can hear you laugh too and feel you hit me on my arm for the jokes you always said you like about me.

Now I’m going past the reception hall where we celebrated your wedding. I still remember how you were dolled up, like an angel for your day… and again, I can’t believe I shrouded you in white poplin covering all your cuteness.

You suffered way too much when you were alive but I pray and wish the world remembers you for your braveness. I pray everybody remembers you for the kindness you always chose to show. I pray everybody remembers you for your level of patience. I pray everybody remembers for how much of a generous woman you were. I pray everybody remembers you for your smile.

I know death is unavoidable and it always chooses to carry away souls so pure as yours. I now also know that for the rest of my life I can never replace you or the place I have for you in my heart. I will always want to live until my last breath with the memories we shared and do my best to spread kindness in all forms, just like you did when you were alive.

To my sister in heaven, I love you and miss you. To the purest soul, may you rest in the gardens of the highest heaven. Amen.

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